Does God care about me?

Discover your purpose, God's promises
for your life, and why you matter.

Authentic Friendships

Answer's to Life's Questions

Peace About the Future

Important Questions Deserve Answers.

You should have safe and trusted friendships where you can ask questions.


We help you to experience real connection from a trusted peer group.


We help walk through your fears with encouragement and hope.


We give you the room to share your emotions without judgement.


We give you the space to work through hurts.

Here's How We're Better Together:

We Are Better Together

The purpose of Serve the City is to pursue unity and health in Christ that leads to collaborative efforts of prayer, care and share. It is our belief that we are “better together” in honoring Christ and seeking the good of our city.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16 NIV)

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”

(Psalm 133:1 NKJV)